Ideally suited for light, open spaces, DARK HARDWOOD floors provide a home with undeniable character, elegance and style.  

A deep, espresso stain appears almost black against classic white cabinetry and millwork, and makes a bold and dramatic design statement.

With its natural tendency to accentuate the wood grain, a dark finish adds interesting detail and an extra level of dimension.

The warm tones of cherry and mahogany create a sense of luxury, and are a timeless and traditional design choice.

Hardwood floors in a satin finish are less likely to show scratches, and are more forgiving in spaces influenced by direct sources of natural light.

Dark floors naturally absorb light, and are far more resistant to fading than lighter coloured hardwoods.

Multi-toned hardwood floors have a chic and sophisticated appearance, and tastefully enhance the style and design of a room. 

Floors in variegated shades are also less likely to show dust or footprints, and are well suited for areas with high traffic.

A hardwood floor with a medium base and dark striations is unique and unexpected, its undulating pattern playing a key role in a room's overall design scheme.

Tone, colour and finish are important factors to consider when choosing a dark hardwood floor.  When exploring the available options, attention should also be given to type, durability, thickness, and board width, as well as any special requirements of the intended location.

Careful research and planning is necessary to ensure the product selected will be as beautiful in ten years as the day it's installed. 

And while darker woods require extra care to maintain their appearance, the rewards are definitely worth the effort.

The rich, warm and sophisticated addition of a DARK HARDWOOD floor guarantees a look of undeniable character, elegance and style, every single time.